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Got a Problem?




UNFIXED is the best radio show you will listen to in your short life. 


UNFIXED has been on the air for over 12 years. 

UNFIXED offers up a rapid-fire series of unique segments that  give meaning to this otherwise monotone and featureless existence.

UNFIXED highlights members of sub and counter-culture through interviews that might be TOO interesting, please do not ignore this warning.

UNFIXED is the home of the smash-hit spin-off 'Shower Talk'.


UNFIXED is 33% powered by solar energy.

UNFIXED is the only place you can catch up on news that will keep you informed of unexplained sounds people only hear at night and things of that nature. 


UNFIXED is broadcast from an abandoned bar.


UNFIXED will often take you to the Pet Cemetery. Don't worry, it's healing and restorative. 


UNFIXED is the exclusive outlet for voicemails from Adam's twitchy, nervous-in-the-service book publisher.  


UNFIXED is always there for you. Become a friend of the show immediately! 


UNFIXED w Gala Grey, Grim Squeaker and The Bul Bey

(past episode)

UNFIXED w Niall Hatch of BirdWatch Ireland (Past Episode)

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