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Keeping the faith: its the Halloween Show once again!! Gala Grey comes to you LIVE and Grim Squeaker comes to you kind of alive from the abandoned bar. Samhain rituals will be performed. The Bul Bey graciously co-hosts this moribund romp-a-round. A haunted tea pot takes center stage and Grim talks about what its like to do push-ups in a pile of thumb tacks. Anything can happen on Halloween.

Devyn does 'Eco-Tips' posthumously.

The Publisher continues to work with the Ghost Writer. Andrea drives cross-country, but mostly snacks. Bedlam ensues in the Scary News. No 5G in The Garden of Ireland without more research. Adam goes for a super serious walk with some really super, super insight.

Special thanks to for streaming the show live on the station! Happy Halloween!


Who is Birdy? In a tern of fantastic luck, we get Niall Hatch of BirdWatch Ireland (who has featured extensively on many major outlet Irish radio outlets) to swoop in and slum it at the abandoned bar and its a heck of a lark. From local garden birds tips all the way to tales of twitching on distant shores leading to taking the first-ever photographs of a humming bird species: if you like birds at all (and even if you dont yet) this interview is one to check out.

This show was streamed live on Sept 12th, 2019 and features the debut of a new segment: Devyn's Eco Tips. To the shock and dismay of all who knew her, Devyn passed away suddenly on Sept 17th, 2019. Devyn was Adam's oldest friend in Ireland. As of this posting on 21st Sept, the grief from the loss is still being processed and those who were close to her are living in a haze. We recorded three segments with Devyn and, as was planned, will play the remaining two in future shows. A brief obituary can be found at:

Proposals to 'Ban the Clamp' are entertained on the S/E Ireland Update, The Producer finally appears on Shower Talk and The Publisher hires a ghost writer. Animals get drunk on The Scary News, Andrea takes 90 seconds to tell ya'll about how a sparrow came into her office and Chad introduces Art School: How to Draw.


Damien Abraham, host of Turned Out a Punk Podcast and front man of the Toronto punk band Fucked Up provides a remote interview- hear him answer the question that begins all TOAP interviews: "How'd you get into punk; do you remember the first time you came across the genre?"

A new segment called F is That Noise puts Toby to the test, and he also explains that the Olympics used to be something of a sinister affair in Dark History Corner.

It had NEVER BEEN ATTEMPTED BEFORE, but a LIVE SHOWER is conducted on Shower Talk!!!! It will screw you up for life!!

Adam's Publisher learns he may be self publishing and Andrea gets her time wasted in 90 seconds; animal control is called several times in the Scary News, we get an update from the S/E of Ireland, Go for a Walk and hit the Pet Cemetery.


First show from the auxiliary studio in Newcastle upon Tyne: Sam Summers, expert on animated film (and rapper) enlightens about the unexpected in modern computer generated cinema. Sam brings a never-heard-before dramatic twist to the Pet Cemetery. He also drops a few dope verses.

HEAR what it means to Catch the Katy in the return of Dark History Corner then Flashback to the NO FRY ZONE with the S/E Ireland Update. We go for a walk to Troll Bowl IV, there is weightless champagne you have to suck out of the air, Adam's publisher has a brain infection and Andrea is coming to Ireland to do 90 Seconds but is not happy with the prospect of air travel.

Fun Bobby and Gibbo DROP IN to the abandoned bar as they prepare for Troll Bowl IV: Ireland's premier indie skate event. Topics range from skate parks and the lack thereof, urban public space and the skate scene in Ireland as a whole. A genuinely engrossing chat you need to check out, no joke.

We go for a walk with the brass from Laguenitas Brewing, get buff so we can kick someones ass with Andrea Laurion, learn about Competitive Introspection Magazine from Adam's Publisher, deal with some low-lifes who slash up a GAA pitch for no dang good reason and learn about some cat who removes all of his finery at the gym because their slogan is 'A Judgement Free Zone'.

Skate or Die (NES 1988)

Whats up, brew? Simon and Hugh from Wood Key Brewing hop in and mash it up; accompany them ale the way along their pilgrimage as they explain what it takes to make an award winning Irish beer. The Publisher is in a funk, Andrea gets burglarized (as did the abandoned bar) we patch the leaks on Shower Talk, take a sixteen hundred euro Uber ride on the Scary News and Go for a Walk to uncover the mysteries of the Hung Bao.

The real-life Santa Claus is paid a nominal fee to call into UNFIXED; his clairvoyant abilities rattle Andy to a certain extent.

Andrea rails about whats not great about the festive season for 90 seconds, Adam's publisher leaves a voicemail while driving around on a winter's night and we go for a walk to talk to "singtivists". We visit the Pet Cemetery and hear some holiday-themed Scary News about lights that never burn out and an ancient note to Santa.

We unearth Grim Squeaker (100% completely literally) to come back on the show and talk about his upcoming event Bring the Pain. During a shocking interview,he treats us to a rendition of The Monster Mash with Adam and Toby on backup vocals. Its somethin. Toby takes on Pet Cemetery and its blood curdling.

Toby exhumes Dark History Corner with some shocking results. We go for a walk at Oktoberfest in Munich, Andrea goes off for 90 Seconds about handing out Halloween Candy (or not) and Adam's Publisher is renting a spook house. Kids egg a house on their milk route in the S/E Ireland update. The Scary News features Punkin Boats and a woman who sweats blood.