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We import Russian born, pan-continental artist Varvara Shavrova in our continuing endeavor to bring you the best in sub and counter-culture. Land meets Sea and East meets West in an exploratory interview that attempts to get at the heart of what it means to be an artist. Chad Keveny co-hosts and there is some speculation that it is an inherited illness.

Toby is back as the guest on Shower Talk for "Showers without Borders". Andrea does 90 seconds about caffeine, the publisher informs Adam that he is not only published but also being sued; a foot sticks out of a neighboring grave in the Scary News and we go for a walk with political activists in Basque Country.

UNFIXED w Emma Doran - Sept 01, 2016

Comedian Emma Doran graces the UNFIXED studio and takes us on a tour of the world of stand-up comedy. Hear as she explains the rigors of writing coherent jokes and also the simple joys of discovering that a heckler appears to be suffering from thrush.

The Publisher feels the book is back on track and Toby realizes he is pro space-nuke. Shower Talk returns for "No Scrubs". The Dark History Corner explores the world of ancient toilet paper stand-ins; Andrea stays on topic for about 5 of her 90 Seconds With Andrea Laurion; A cop smashes a car window; chickens fall out of a truck in Australia; Cian steals our microphone and goes for a walk.

Playing is for pleasure. If you enjoy fun you need to hear about Token from Brandon and Dr. Connor. A community focused bar/arcade/restaurant/event space recently opened in Dublin, Token brings back everything that is to be loved about public video game arcades and a hell of a lot more. Brandon organizes community while Dr. Connor talks shop and gets down and dirty. Brandon abandons a frog with astonishing resolve as we visit the Pet Cemetery.

The Mellow Chords sing us some barbershop as we go for a walk, Adam's book continues to struggle post publication and Andrea talks about inter-personal chemistry for 90 seconds. A car makes its own drive-thru in S/E Ireland and someone steals a human toe in Canada. Aiden walks us through alternative uses for the shower in the hit spin-off podcaste from UNFIXED: SHOWER TALK!

Eva O'Connor, acclaimed actor and playwright comes on the show directly after finishing a performance of her latest play, 'Maz and Bricks'. She provides a genuinely interesting interview concerning all things related to the stage (and screen).

It is Andy's first UNFIXED. There is "Foul Play" on the S/E Ireland Update & Andrea is approaching a new guy every day this month. Toby returns to the show as the call-in guest for Shower Talk, where the subject is drying off. The Publisher is not pleased with Adam, Going for a Walk takes us to Scrapper Mania and there are more snakes and also a scorpion on a plane on the Scary News.

Mild chaos ensues as Kazza Glennon, AKA the Session Moth Martina joins UNFIXED for cans of Bavaria at the abandoned bar. We talk the highs and lows of international wrestling and the fans' accolades and criticisms that inevitably come along with being an iconoclastic female indie wrestler. She also takes several audience questions that becoming increasingly inappropriate.

Adam's book is finally published, but there are technical problems that may limit it's success. A motorist terrorizes motorcyclists in S/E Ireland, German sub-mariners launch their Scheiß with varying degrees of success and Andrea has to deal with suitors that are not up to snuff. The Scary News once again involves drunk people and reptiles. Shower Talk heads to South Africa for an exploration of "showering rough".


The Hot Sprockets kick in the saloon-style doors of the abandoned bar and talk past, present and future Sprocket's mythology with a good dose of soul. The guys play their upcoming single "Right Spots" live in the studio: an UNFIXED exclusive! They also deliver a triple helping of visits to the Pet Cemetery.

It is Toby's last regular-season show, so Andrea talks "goodbyes" for her 90 seconds. Also, the topic on Shower Talk is 'The Bitter End'. Eating contests from the dark past make an appearance and the parking-meter vandal returns. Toby and Adam go for a walk on St. Patrick's Day, The publisher is tied-up as Adam's book is imperiled. Snakes slither out of a car vent and a racoon becomes perverse in The Scary News.

The appearance that was 6 months in the making: Bonnie Boux, Miss Burlesque Ireland's Showgirl of the Year shimmies into the abandoned bar and talks burlesque and a multitude of other sexy performance happenings, including how to dance oneself free. Well worth the wait, we had to quite literally request that she remain seated during the interview!


Adam's publisher dies, Andrea Laurion brings you 90 Seconds of "party bullshit" & New Slang returns to keep you current. Toby takes us to an occult/auto-erotic research complex, sharks spontaneously reproduce and Shower Talk gets some variety. Toby and Adam Go For a Walk with the leather fellows and someone (maybe a robot) pours motor oil on parking meters.

UNFIXED continues to bring you the best in counter and sub-culture with Seán Cathal, Mr. Leather Ireland as the guest. Representing Geared Ireland as they prepare for the for first Leather Pride weekend, he provides a thoughtful and nuanced interview featuring C.H.I.P.S., Pups and secret code in the form of color-specific handkerchiefs.

New Slang returns after an eight year hiatus! Toby explores the dangers of holding in your pee when you're a Danish Astronomer, a bird attacks a dog, Adam's publisher is buried in an avalanche and we have a Shower Beer. We go for a walk in Temple Bar, Andrea takes us on a tinder date for 90 Seconds and the Scary News spends time in York, PA and the always reliable Deutschland.

Valdemort and Maria von Slapp of Dublin Roller Derby skate in take us around the flat track world of international derby competition. Topics range from 'fresh meat', why sometimes some penalties are worth it, and the importance of keeping your pun-game tight.

You down wit O.P.S. (Other People's Showers)? The issue is explored on Shower Talk; also, the publisher is behaving oddly. The Australian army fails to kill emus with a chain-gun, Andrea talks Gilmore Girls, The Scary News brings a grave-digging conversation to light, we go for a walk for some infused rum and S/E Ireland is declared a 'No Fry Zone'.

Anything can happen on the Halloween Spooktacular. UNFIXED brings you a Late Night Double Feature with reptile queen Kitty LeRoux and the unbreakable undead wonder Grim Squeaker! HEAR Kitty let her live snakes infest the studio while Grim Squeaker eats shattered glass and performs unspeakable acts involving a mouse trap. The two guests also visit the Pet Cemetery for a macabre double serving of "madra-lasagne".

A silhouette assaults Adam's Publisher; Andrea gets into 90 seconds of trouble with a tow-truck driver. Shower Talk of Horrors features a toxic electric toothbrush surprise with Barney; Trouble emerges in two separate Dublin McDonald's'. Toby takes us all to one of America's earliest spook houses; he also gets annoyed by some less-than-veteran Rocky Horror Show attendees. It truly is a late-night double feature show. I wanna go.

UNFIXED w Justin Shape aka Peter "Pizza" Farrell - July 16, 2016

Pro wrestler Justin Shape (Peter "Pizza" Farrell) storms the UNFIXED studio, SQUATs, and explains what its like to dislocate one's neck, shatter a vertebrae and also have a dog that suffers from a similar injury as he visits the Pet Cemetery. He takes us on a wild and candid behind-the-scenes tour of Irish indie pro wrestling that is NOT TO BE MISSED.

The Roy Bom Life Style Brand is espoused; Shower Talk returns with "Under Pressure" featuring Devyn as the guest; The Publisher receives an envelope full of garbage; A pope is exhumed only to to be thrown into the river; Andrea discusses summer heat in 90 Seconds with Andrea Laurion; a man turns on all the taps in a pub overnight and a bear attacks a Canadian boxer in the forest.

UNFIXED w Joerg Steegmueller - June 17, 2016

Joerg Steegmueller, creator of the Dublin Event Guide (for free events) which boasts 24,000 subscribers discusses the rigors of putting out a weekly electronic magazine for 9 years and counting having never missed one week.

A man kills thousands by tooting; boobie traps imperil cyclists in S/E Irealnd.

Shower Talk, the spinoff podcast debuts with Ole as the guest; 90 Seconds with Andrea Laurion considers voting; Scarlett Nymph discusses burlesque when Toby and Adam Go for a Walk; The Publisher experiences a miracle; a chav punches a paramedic while he was holding an old man which is reminiscent of The Bodyguard with Mel Costner.

Killian Meehan of Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland is the guest- listen he explains what its like to be concussed by a pole arm and hits Toby in the head with a mace. Toby and Adam go for a walk with Dutch beer foam aficionados; the publisher gets caught in a phone loop. There is a mysterious death in a graveyard in Scranton.

Back on the scene after a long break, UNFIXED gets back to business from the new studio in Dublin, Ireland. The UNFIXED train gets a new boiler certificate so it can legally travel on the main-line.

Interview with The Bul Bey, Philadelphia rapper. He takes us into the Philly hip-hop scene and talks about getting out there, Shanking Hands and Kissing Babies. Adam's publisher takes on developmental theory. A foul, unidentifiable noise is heard after dark in an Oregon town.

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